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Drew L.   


Rock Star Tours - can you say amazing? can you say hilarious? can you say, INTERESTING?!?!?! Our driver, Doug, was super good. He knew literally everything about Hollywood and movies and music and the places to go. We got to see Michael Jackson's house, the fresh prince of bel air's pad (Will Smith say what?) and even the mansion that Tink in Hook lives in (Julia Robert's anyone?)

So I loved it. Thanks Rock Star Tours!!!


Peymon M.   

I live in LA, had family in from out of town so I decided to try one of these tours I always see driving around. The salespeople were a bit aggressive, but once on the tour - I was completely surprised by how entertaining and informative a tour can be. I have to give it up to my guide DOUG - he was engaging but not overwhelming. He wove a narrative about my city that was factual and had that touch of storytelling that made the whole experience memorable for me and my guests. I think I'll do this again when my cousins are in town next month. Highly recommend Rockin - and highly recommend Doug!


Mary Joy G. 

An absolute must-do when visiting Hollywood is the Rock Star Tour. The competition to give tourists a ride around Tinseltown is fierce, and one must stand above the rest. Rock Star Tours definitely did!

THE TOUR: AWESOME!!! We saw cool places, fun places, scary places - you name it! We got basic historical information about the city, and irrelevant ones too (where Lindsay Lohan crashed her car, etc.), and fun facts (Beverly Hills has white signs indicating luxury). We saw most of the Friend's cast homes, and where Michael Jackson died. Our driver, Pat was entertaining (actor -who gives tours on the side - or is it the other way around?). He was credible, was also incredibly funny. I loved how he incorporated his audience onto the tour, and kept us engaged throughout it all. The music was a big part of the ride because it was totally in-synced with the tour.


Big B.   

Could not believe we found ourselves on cheesy Hollywood Boulevard.  Thought we were too cool for that.  Couldn't believe we got huckstered into a Movie Star Home Tour.  Although, this one promised to be "Rockin'" ... hmmmm ... next thing we know we're whisked into the meat of Hollywood, and our driver (Dan, Dirk?  Something with a "D") was really funny and knowledgeable.  He found
out we were from Ohio, and quickly shifted his tour to exploit this (Clark Gable was from Cadiz -- now I know).  If he can do this for people from Tibet, I'll be really impressed.  The Tour gave us enough glitz, glamour, but also the knowledge to help it make sense.  He started from the very beginning, explaining how the movie business landed here, and how much it makes a year (200 billion!).  Hollywood is not even a city he told us!  And, during stretches in LA Traffic he took questions about where to go in LA (we tried out "Cut" per his rec.  It was stupid expensive, as he warned us, but insanely good).  The tour bus had speakers playing music on the Tour -- thus the "Rocking."  Judicious, not over-used.  If you're gonna cut to the cheese, I gotta say this tour was pure "Hollywood" in a good way --- "and the Oscar for best Tour goes to ROCKING HOLLYWOOD TOURS!" ...


Rachel T 

This is the best tour in LA!  Take it, take it, take it!  My mom, who was visiting me from Michigan, really wanted to go on a tour of celebrity homes.  I've lived here over 3 years and hadn't done one yet, so okay let's do it.  Never knew I would have so much fun!  And Mom loved it as much as me.  I made the reservation over the phone a few days prior, and when I called a few minutes before start time to ask the address (since I forgot to write it down), the guy who answered the phone knew my name even before I said who it was!  Such personal service is much appreciated!  The tour took place in a van with an open top...was fun to have the wind whipping through your hair (they gave us sunblock before we left), listening to the great tunes that coordinated each location.  There was celeb trivia during the tour, and LA (me) got almost every question right.  Though the driver did give the visitors a chance first;).  The driver had a great personality and sense of humor.  This is a must do for people visiting LA, and the locals should make sure to take their guests.  You'll have a great time!



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